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Save Them All, A questionable accident claims the lives of Colbi West's parents, and she blames her family's opulent lifestyle for the tragedy. Angered by unnecessary risks money can buy, she sets aside a promising law career and leaves Michigan to outrun emotional pain. When the road east ends at the ocean in North Carolina, she meets two women who encourage her to stay in Locus Point and open a wildlife rehabilitation shelter. Although ignorant of the field, Colbi's notion of a simpler life in the south and the gentle prodding from her new acquaintances over pie persuade her to stay. Her new life in the sleepy coastal town becomes problematic when value systems clash, and she realizes more needs saving than pelicans and opossums. Faced with unexpected and distressing complications, her tendency to run again is caged by a promise made she will not break, even if it means going to jail.

Save Them All is a character driven, alluring 256 page read about pushing yourself to live strong despite tragic loss, coming to know who you really are and recognizing what is most important in your life. An unlikely turn in life's road sets in motion a mission of self discovery that leads to commitment and powerful relationships between the characters, human and other. The story takes place in down east North Carolina and introduces readers to wildlife rehabilitators working twenty-four seven, far behind the scenes, rescuing injured, diseased or orphaned wild animals.

"Very intriguing and you certainly have a number of interesting characters. There's a lot of information in the book that I didn't know before, and it's wonderful to get it in story form!" - Debi R. - Spartanburg, SC

"Entertaining and the book surfaces social issues not contaminated by discussion (opportunity to encourage critical thinking and free thought). Ordering more copies for my home school, social science class." - Pam L. - Dallas, TX

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