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"The animal stories from the Down East center are all there for us animal lovers, but there is so much more: drama, mystery, violence, romance, friendship. 'Save Them All' is pure Linda, a well-written book with a lot of depth and passion." Carolyn A. - Columnist, Jacksonville Daily News

"Your book is amazing, it just sucked me right in, and I can't wait until the next one comes out." April E. - Cleveland, SC

"I loved your book! Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It was so wonderful to read a book that captures the spirit of wildlife rehabilitation. You are a gifted writer, and I hope to read more books by you in the future." Shannon W. - Clinton, NC

"I all but finished it the first night. It was wonderful. Keep up the good work! When will the NEXT book be published?' Linda O. - Jacksonville, NC

"While reading "Save Them All", I found myself jealous of the easy way in which Colbi told people just what she thought about them. I actually covered my mouth with my hand a few times! It made her character all the more intriguing to me. I can't wait to read the sequel in order to find out what will happen with all of the characters that you weaved into charming Locus Point. And I thank you for helping me realize the situations in which our wildlife undergo due to my fellow humans. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'There is no knowledge that is not power.' Keep giving us the power to save them." Tracy Y. - Weldon, IL

"I loaned your book to a friend of mine who just returned it. She, also, enjoyed it very much. It is well worth reading." Dana S. - Emmaus, PA

"I found your book to be great! I love the way you wound rehab practices into your story and loved your descriptions of certian things. My favorite was your description of the trees that were loaded on a truck on their way to the sawmill!!!! Please keep writing as you truly have a gift!" Carla J. - Winston Salem, NC

"I really enjoyed your book, it was exciting, sad, and had some sexy parts in it too (lol), and some parts made me mad." Brenda H. - Jacksonville, NC

"I was so surprised at how into the book I got. I thought it was fantastic. I love the characters. I was happy that the book wasn't all specific, tragic animal issues (I know there were a few) but it wasn't emotionally draining that way. The other events that were going on kept me interested and so excited. It was really great!"
Taryn W. - Killeen, TX

"It didn't turn out to be a bathroom book as most of my books usually do. I carried it from place to place until I finished it. It was that engaging and good. My son read it first." Trish S. - Morehead City, NC



Dear "Save Them All" Readers,

Thank you for all your written thoughts, kind words and well wishes. Your referrals and return purchases are helping 'Save Them All' catch on across the country as the newest, self-published author to read. Conservation of wildlife and their habitats, along with the protection and stewardship of America's many other extraordinary natural resources appear to be issues close to many human hearts.

My book is listed at many online book stores such as, Barnes & Noble, Trafford and Books-A-Million, although purchasing a signed copy with bookmark and promotion pen through my website is still the fastest & "Best Buy." For those close or in Onslow County, NC please visit Connie Wenner at our Arts Council on New Bridge Street to pick up a signed copy.

I always welcome feedback and have shared a few comments above. An enjoyable fanbase has developed that's quick to let me know when they've experienced a "Colbi" moment. Keep the notes coming. I love them all! Look forward to meeting more of my readers!

best always,

Linda Bergman-Althouse